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Casey Green
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November 23, 2021

Even as we all may be spending more time at home, less time commuting, and may feel like we have a more flexible schedule, the reality is that we probably don’t. There are still limited hours in the day and SO much to do. Between work, life, family, and running, there’s rarely time for anything else. This means that now, more than ever, the ability to effectively balance running and life is essential.

While here at Charge we’ve written a bit more extensively on ways to balance your responsibilities, and have researched plenty on how to set schedule goals, we want to keep this one simple. We’ve taken a series of great information on balancing life and running and condensed all of it into 4 easy, quick tips to follow. Enjoy!

4 Tips to Balance Running and Life

1. Enjoy yourself

The first tip to balance running and life is to simply enjoy the little things. Don’t allow yourself to panic over what a new event or time commitment will mean in the future for your schedule. Focus on enjoying yourself in all things running and life, even if there’s going to be a bit more flexibility and schedule Tetris required down the line.

2. Progressive development

It is unlikely that you’ll find and execute the perfect balance of running and life right away. It takes some time to form a schedule and routine that works, and that’s okay. Just like with running itself, it’s all about progressive development. Small steps in the right direction that add up over time to produce exceptional results.

3. Don’t think in inverse correlations

One aspect of your life does not have to suffer for another to thrive. You don’t have to EITHER focus your days around running or around other life activities to the detriment of the other. Begin to think of the balance of running and life as a positive correlation. As one element improves, so will the other. Running should not come at the cost of social events, mental/emotional health, work, etc. equally as much as those life aspects should not come at the cost of running.  

4. Reframe what “perfection” is

“Perfection” when it comes to the balance of running and life is not in fact perfect. Confused? It’s not about getting your schedule and the balance 100% right every day. The intention is the key. There will always be things that pop up randomly to throw a wrench into the balance between your running schedule and life events, and you can still enjoy “perfection” despite these.

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