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Casey Green
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May 11, 2022

As we roll fully into racing season (May - October), Charge Running is excited to help everyone get out there, CRSUH their goals, have fun, and maybe even set some new personal bests! Our professional coaches, with more than 500 completed half-marathons and marathons between them, have created a simple, effective Half-Marathon Training Plan perfect for runners of any experience level.

The plan covers 13 weeks and has a specifically crafted training progression. You'll stay motivated, engaged, and prepared to set or smash your personal records over 13.1 miles! The training plan covers every running/racing experience level in the tailored base runs and workouts. Each week builds aerobic fitness and speed simultaneously. As a result, you'll maximize your half-marathon race result combining plenty of aerobic strength with the speed to finish strong!

The Half-Marathon Training Plan includes the proper ratio of active recovery, rest, and cross training to ensure injury-free training without losing any training benefits. Be sure to utilize all of the training and racing knowledge of Charge Running's professional, certified, and experienced coaches throughout the training plan. Additional resources below can help guide you through cross training suggestions, racing tips, and race pacing strategies.

Cross Training

Racing Tips

Pacing Strategies

13 Week Half-Marathon Training Plan

Follow the plan day-to-day with any number of Charge's live, virtual runs/workouts and track your progress as you build towards your goal.

Utilize the the Charge Running app's real-time stats, professional coaching, and on-demand content to make the most of your half-marathon training.

Most importantly, you'll train along side users from around the world prepping to kick butt in their upcoming 13.1 mile race!