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Shelby Schmidt
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March 25, 2022

Long have we all been inspired by the incredible feats of incredible athletes. Around the world we are constantly reading about or watching superstars of sport do things that were previously thought impossible. At Charge we're continuously motivated by and in awe of the amazing feats of professional runners not just in their professional spaces but in their personal spaces as well. This group of 7 incredible professional-runner women do things both during and outside of competitions that we should all be in awe of. Enjoy this flood of inspiration in no particular order!

Nell Rojas

Starting as a triathlete before making a BIG splash on the streets of Boston in 2021, finishing in 6th place at the Boston Marathon! Rojas brings her mental and physical toughness to a new level professionally as the heads coach of Rojas Running while crushing new PR’s herself with no signs of slowing down. Dreaming at a young age to be in the WNBA, she only took up running in hopes of improving her basketball game before realizing she was winning more races than basketball games. After college, and needing a break from running, she figured why not do three sports versus just one? After achieving the Olympic Trials “A” standard on a “prep” run at the CIM she figured she was good enough to just focus on running, and thus, a marathon legend was born. 

Gabrielle Thomas

Brawn and a bright future on and off the track is exactly what Gabrielle has. Receiving her degree at Harvard while also pursuing her masters degree in epidemiology, she managed to squeak in time to qualify for the Olympic Trials as well as secure a spot to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She went on to win 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at the Tokyo Games...not too shabby. In the trials she raced the 200 meters in a time 21.61 seconds, making her the third fastest at that distance EVER. Thomas stated after the race, "It definitely changed how I view myself as a runner. I am still in shock ... my dream was to make the Olympic team ... Now that I've accomplished [that], I'm going to set higher goals.” 

Keira D’Amato

A mom, a full time realtor, Oreo connoisseur, and most recently a Nike sponsored distance runner! After being a 4-time NCAA All American, D'Amato left the competitive running world after nagging injuries left her sidelined for extended periods. She started her non-running career and her family but always kept an eye on the world of road racing. After resuming running in 2016 she earned an Olympic Trials qualifying mark, as well as setting a 10-mile Women’s Only American record (in a race she got to name herself...she called it Up Dawg). But that wasn’t enough. On January 16th, 2022 she CRUSHED the American Record in the marathon, previously held by legend Deena Kastor, by a jaw dropping 84 seconds to finish in 2:19:12! 


Hiruni Wijayaratne

As a proud Sri Lankan-American distance runner she has set all types of national for Sri Lanka. Wijayaratne in a short time has become the most decorated distance runner in the country's history. In 2018 she ran the national record marathon time of 2:36:35 in Houston, Texas during the 2018 Cheveron Houston Marathon. She then went on to break her own national record at the 2019 Düsseldorf Marathon, with a time of 2:34:10, which is also a South Asian Record.

Last fun fact: she is coached by Nell Rojas’s dad and they happen to be very good friends! 

Amanda Basham

"Relentless Forward Progress." This is not only Basham's motto, but a physical reminder that she carries with her every day in the form of tattoos on her leg. An accomplished trail runner she knows deeply that the only way is through! After working through the grief of losing her brother Basham has said that she has a different outlook on her running, and even credits long distance running as part of her "personal therapy." While not on the trails she is loving time with her pups, her partner Justin, and caring for her daughter Rylan while currently expecting the couples second daughter. 

Sara Vaughn

Another mother and full-time working professional, and professional runner, Vaughn is full-time realtor who shattered expectations and WON the California Interstate Marathon in 2022. Previously running solely track events (specifically 1500 meters), she decided to give the marathon her full effort while still in her prime. Quickly getting scooped up with a sponsorship by Puma, she is gearing up for more marathons while still keeping her toes in the track event world. With nothing set in stone, we are eager to see Vaughn develop a racing skill and experience while she juggles both sides of the distance racing world, track and road! 

Steph Bruce

Part of HOKA’s NAZ Elite, Bruce has been at the forefront of the elite training and racing group for years. That's why when she announced her retirement earlier this year it was a hard pill to swallow for distance running fans. However, in true Steph fashion, she wasn’t going to go out in a fizzle, she was going out with a BANG. Breaking tradition of announcing retirement plans post season she decided to use the 2022 season as a swan song dubbed “Grit Finale." With a marathon PR of 2:27:47, countless USATF records, and FOUR World Marathon Major top-10 finishes, it’s safe to say that she has left a mark not only in the running record books but on our runner hearts for years to come. 

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