Written by
Shelby Schmidt
Written by
January 26, 2022

Turning away from the common saying “New Year, New You,”  all of us here at Charge Running believe that there's no need to focus creating on a "new you." Instead we want to help make you more confident, efficient, energized, and charge into each day, each week and each run saying “I’ve got this!” 

Why live by "New Year, New You" when you can take steps towards a "New Year, the BEST Version of You!"

5 Tips for Making 2022 Your BEST Year of Running with Charge!

Prepare for Success:

We have all been there when the week starts; we are motivated and ready to crush it but then life happens and everything we thought just doesn’t pan out. That’s why we highly recommend logging on and signing up for your weekly LIVE runs ahead of time. Set aside just 5 minutes on Sunday night to go through our LIVE class schedule and commit yourself to your running days. Not only will your phone send you the reminders that your run is going to start it also makes it a firm plan, leaves no guess work of when you will get your workout in and blocks off that time so that nothing gets planned instead. If you can make these the same runs every week, even better! 

Getting Your Go To Snacks Together Ahead of Time:

Personally, as a parent, I often have to grab my food on the go to keep up with life. I find having my go to bars in the same place and on a monthly delivery ensures that I’m not grabbing a handful of whatever is around to fuel me before/after my workouts. Keeping fresh fruit in the front of fridge, peanut butter right on the counter, or even some mixed nuts in my purse helps to make sure I am nourishing my body to keep up with my workouts, busy days and not as likely to skip my fueling opportunities or have to settle for something less than ideal. 

Schedule Your Rest Day(s):

Especially when we are committed to new goals, races, new distances, getting faster, we’ll keep pushing and working even when our bodies are asking for rest. I always recommend scheduling at least one firm rest day a week where you do not do any form of workouts. Scheduling your rest days like you do your workouts makes them become apart of your training and can help you not be as anxious of being more idle than normal. Planning brunch, errands, or an event on the rest day can keep those jitters away and gives us a much needed physical or mental break from the grind. 

Ask For Help:

We all can use an extra push sometimes even though we love running. Jumping on the Charge Running Club Facebook group is an effective way to make sure that even out of our classes you are never alone. All the awesome Chargers as well as our Coaches are quick to lend motivation, offer to join classes at the same time and keep each other accountable. Getting a buddy that has like minded goals and will keep you going is invaluable. We are all in this together and want everyone to succeed, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Dress to Impress:

I’m not talking about dressing for the job you want, instead I’m saying to dress for the workout you want. Are you a morning runner? Then as soon as you pop out of bed get right into your workout clothes. Night time runner? As soon as you get home from work or school put on your running gear. Even if it will be an hour or more before you head out, the mental aspect of being in your clothes can be that extra push you need to avoid skipping your run and give you that extra pep to get one foot out the door or on the treadmill. 

Putting these simple links together will help to create a chain of consistency, dedication and give you that extra edge to keep reaching for your goals!

Need extra help? Sign up for Charge Running! Have one of our amazing coaches coach you 1:1 and create a plan to keep you on track and "Charging" on to you next PR!