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Casey Green
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November 23, 2021

While the summer may be coming to a close (or already gone) there’s no shortage of sunshine still to come! Whether out for a training run or on a track getting in a hard workout, having a fresh, quality pair of running sunglasses can be key. They’ve got to look good, be comfortable, and most of all get the job done mile after mile and drip of sweat after drip of sweat!

The coaches at Charge Running have tried out all types of running sunglasses in our own training routines. With years of testing we’ve come up with a list of the best running sunglasses for all runners in 2021! We focused on style, function, AND affordability with our list. This way you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to enjoy single every pair!

The Best Running Sunglasses for 2021!

The best running sunglasses for every runner!

5. Ryders Eyewear ($50 - $75)

The most expensive, and arguably the least fashionable entry on this list, Ryders’ various styles make up for those perceived negatives with extreme functionality. Their sportTECH lineup can handle absolutely anything you throw at them. Running, hiking, cycling, skiing, cattle-rustling, bring it on! If you’re more into practical application of shades and less concerned with how you look, these are for you! 

4. Tifosi ($25-$35)

Tifosi has lots of styles and price points for a variety or preferences. From the more traditional sleek sports sunglasses, to the more modern look, there’s a lot of variety. A wide price range also allows for all runners to invest in multiple pairs or go all-in on one. Made for a variety of aerobic activities, cycling specifically in many cases, it’s hard to go wrong with many of the available models. The big Tifosi bonus is that select models come with interchangeable lenses for just the right tint on your next run!      

3. Sunski “Puerto” ($48)

Sunski is by no means a running-only sunglass brand. They’ve got tons of styles for everyday use, however, their sport-specific styles are absolutely worth the price tag. More muted than Goodr and Knockaround, and with only two color options in the Puerto style, these will be a bit more function than flashy fashion. For a lot of runners these will absolutely get the job done and look good while doing so.

2. Knockaround Sport ($25-$35)

Playing off of the fun, colorful, and unique nature that runner’s love, Knockaround has great options for all runners. Within the sport category, Knockaround features a mix of styles and types that all have elements that reduce slip, slide, and bounce while on the run. A bit brighter and flashier than other running sunglass styles, these won’t disappoint mile after mile!   

1. Goodr “The OG" ($25-$35)

Goodr has made a strong name for themselves in the running world. Their sunglasses are incredibly functional, fashionable, affordable, and creative. Solidly earning them the top spot in our ranking! Every pair of sunglasses is truly “no-slip, no-bounce” as advertised. They can be worn for a run/workout or out for a day of adventure, fun, and debauchery. The OG style are a personal favorite for all of our Charge Running coaches, but find the ones that work for you. There are so many colors and styles to choose from that they truly allow for each runner’s personality to show through. The amazingly hilarious names for each style/color combination also serve to give these sunglasses our top spot. 

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