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Casey Green
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February 28, 2022

As we know, runners are not cookie-cutter individuals. There’s not one type of runner. Every runner has their own unique set of interests, beliefs, passions, values, and hobbies. However, one thing that many runners do share is a deep appreciation of the natural environment and sustaining the health and natural beauty of our planet. 

Where would runners enjoy miles and miles of activity without lush forests, incredible mountains, flat, fast prairies, and clean beaches? Nowadays, no matter what your level of environmental consciousness, there are plenty of great active brands that you can support that maintain an environmentally conscious mission while delivering incredibly high-quality gear and accessories. 

All of our running coaches here at Charge are fully on the Earth-train. We spend the majority of our time outdoors enjoying the natural wonders. So, who better to put together a list of the best brands for environmentally conscious runners than a group of Earth loving running experts? Enjoy!

Best Environmentally Conscious Brands for Runners in 2022:

1. Patagonia

The “OG” of environmentally conscious activewear and gear, Patagonia has been setting the standard for corporate support of a healthy planet since 1985. In fact, the co-founder of one of the most impactful non-profits for environmental giving, 1% for the Planet, is also the founder of Patagonia. Since pledging to donate 1% of their annual sales to preserve and restore the planet, Patagonia has donated over $140 million! 

Charge’s Gear Pick: Houdini Jacket - your “do it all” outer layer for all running elements. Trail, street, or otherwise!

2. United by Blue

United by Blue has made, and kept, an impressive promise for the environment. For every 1 item that is purchased from their stores, 1 pound of trash will be removed from oceans and waterways. Thus far that promise has led to more than 4.2 million pounds of trash removal! Mobilizing communities to join their efforts, United by Blue organizes and funds trash removal projects throughout the USA that you can take part in!

Charge’s Gear Pick: 15L Commuter Backpack - perfect for bringing your running clothes/gear from place to place in a stylish and functional pack.     

3. Wolven

Wolven’s stated goal is to “Make Sustainability Sexy.” We can 100% get behind that! A proud member of 1% for the Planet, and a Climate Neutral certified brand, they take purposeful steps in their processes to leave the environment better than they found it. Every single pair of their signature athletic leggings are made from 27 plastic bottles of recycled material. You can literally wear your pro-recycling stance!

Charge’s Gear Pick: Wolven Leggings - soft, durable and breathable for any level of physical activity, there are the perfect pair for a workout or recovery day week after week. 

4. Outerknown

Founded by the “King of the Ocean” himself, Kelly Slater, the entire Outerknown company is based around the mission of saving the oceans and restoring the environment. With 90% of all their materials being organic, recycled, or regenerated and 100% of their surf trunks made from recycled or renewable fibers, their mission is well on its way. Partnering with the Ocean Conservancy for a series of fundraising advocacy tees, there’s no lack of fashion, function, and activism at Outerknown.    

Charge’s Gear Pick: Apex Trunks - absolute perfection if you’re a runner that enjoys the beach and some sand running. Seamless transition from a quick run to a quick swim!

5. Janji

Janji has built their epic line of running gear on the basis of exploration, sustainability, and responsibility. This has led the company to commit firmly to reducing their environmental impact in manufacturing, massively reducing water usage, and giving back to the world. Through projects to expand clean water access in 12+ global regions and create more sustainable water usage, they’ve set a high bar for other environmentally conscious companies to meet.

Charge’s Gear Pick: AFO Shorts - an absolutely stellar pair of running shorts! Enough said.

6. Qeep Up

Qeep Up balances a strict commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint and restoring the planet with producing excellent women’s activewear and accessories. 100% of their fabric is made from recycled materials, and they’ve partnered with REPREVE to bring consumers items that are made directly supporting the recycling of more than 31 billion plastic bottles to date!

Charge’s Gear Pick: Essential Tank - the perfect multipurpose active tank top for running, cross-training, or really anything. Great colors and designs and function to boot!

7. Allbirds

The shoe brand that has been on the path to reduce their environmental impact since day one. Allbirds is on a constant mission to reduce their footprint to zero and offset every bit of their environmental impact along the way. Through annual environmental partnerships and initiatives, Allbirds focuses on giving back to the earth through land, air, and energy projects throughout the world. Beyond that, their focus on renewable, natural materials has allowed them to set their sites on being a climate positive company before long. 

Charge’s Gear Pick: Tree Dashers - while likely not a daily running shoe for all, the comfort is unparalleled and they make for the perfect cross-training or gym footwear!

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