Listen While You Work: Running Podcasts 2019

There are a full range of running preferences out there. From runners that prefer loud music and company to those who require silence and solitude to get in their mileage. What most runners share in common though is an interest in the sport itself. In the age of accessible, transportable, audible information, podcasts are becoming a great way to learn more about your hobbies and interests from experts and like-minded fanatics. With that, I present to you the list of running podcasts for the year 2019 that can occupy you during a weekly long run, a hefty commute, or an extended road trip. Read, listen, and learn!


For the “social” runner: Bad Boys Running

If you’re a runner that loves the social aspect and especially loves all the fun post-run activities, libations with the crew especially, this is the podcast for you! Hosts Jody Raynsford and David Hellard, both amateur runners themselves, dive into some of the prevalent running topics of the day, and interview a series of players within the running world from race organizers to club coaches and pros. Mainly though they just chatter on about all types of worldly matters, personal experiences and a lot of talk about pubs and beer. Did I mention that they are British? The accents and vocabulary alone make for a delightfully entertaining listen.

For the “nerdy” runner: Run to the Top

Stephanie Atwood hosts this facts and research based podcast that provides all the best details and lessons from some of the top athletes and minds in the world of running. From the reasons why you should train movement not muscle to the effects of a low carb, high fat diet and an inside look at everyone’s favorite social running app Strava. This podcast is hands down the most informative out there for runners of all levels. Pick and choose the episodes that best apply to you or you can simply randomize it and learn a whole bunch of new information on subjects you may have not even thought of! No need to waste time listening to anyone but the best when it comes to all things running.  

For the “fanboy/girl” runner: The Morning Shakeout

Like listening to runners talking to other runners? This is the podcast to listen to. Elite endurance coach and marathoner Mario Fraioli conducts 1-on-1 interviews with some of the best athletes, coaches, and running personalities around. Topics range from the mental/emotional side of running and proper positive coaching techniques, all the way to how to organize and execute a country-wide road race circuit. Guests like Desiree Linden, Nick Symmonds, Colleen Quigley, and Ben Rosario (see below) dive into their own racing and training experiences, talk a lot of about coffee and routine, and generally walk listeners through the trials and tribulations of being so passionate about an activity that is so freakin’ exhausting.

For the “Coach” runner: Ben Rosario Show

Elite coach Ben Rosario, currently leading the Hoka One One Northern Arizona Elite team, conducts his very own coach-centric podcast. Through interviews with accomplished coaches of all levels, from high school to college powerhouses and all the way up to Olympic teams,  Rosario dives deep into the full range of coaching approaches and what ultimately crafts a coaching philosophy. Covering more than just training plan structures, the interviews often turn to building motivation and passion in athletes and managing the completely unique natures of each individual. For a fun bonus, and some extra credit, you can check out transcript notes from each interview online at

For the “journalistic” runner: Citius Mag Podcast with Chris Chavez

Chris Chavez is an accomplished journalist in his own right. A current writer for Sports Illustrated (covered the Rio Olympics for them) and former contributor at ESPN, Sporting News, and Flotrack, he’s been covering the world of running for years. His podcast, part of the Citius Mag network, focuses on personal stories and subjects from each of his extremely notable athlete and coach guests. From dealing with anxiety with Clayton Murphy and battling the struggles of injury with Leah O’Connor to a first-time marathon experience recap with an intern named Matt, the podcast really doesn’t restrict itself in terms of topic. If you want a fascinating listen managed by a person who really knows how to craft a story, check it out!  

Whether you choose to plug in to some easy listening during your workout or want to just lounge in an arm chair and educate yourself on all things running, each one of these podcasts is definitely worth a listen!