5K Training Program

Charge Running's 5K Training Program aims to put the spark back into everyday running. No more tedious and generic guides to follow. Our program builds you into a stronger and faster runner from the convenience of your home! There’s no reason to train alone in monotony when you can train with a fun running community of people from all around the world! 

It’s time to throw out that old Excel training spreadsheet, retire the “beep and run” system and commit to an easy to follow training guide that offers high-quality coaching by experienced trainers. You’ll be encouraged through every run, walk, jog, and sprint. Plus, unlike other programs that simply focus on when to stop and when to go, at Charge Running we focus on how you should feel during each segment, eliminating any guesswork. The pride in our program stems from providing a proven system of training that allows every runner to stay motivated, love the process, and ultimately match or exceed their goals.


By creating a program centered around two on-demand runs per week, speed, strength, and aerobic endurance will be developed while you track your progress through high-effort milestone runs. With the goals set and progress laid out clearly in front of you, your motivation will be elevated each and every day. And when you’re not crushing the 5K program, we’ll be there for you through our LIVE Charge runs so you are never alone in your training journey.

Our first runs are designed to get you into the swing of things and create a strong foundation. As you progress further along, specific days of speed work, long runs, and threshold runs will increase your preparedness for maintaining different effort level systems for longer durations. The diversity of training these different modes is imperative to preparing for a race. Some programs focus on just speed, or just longer duration runs, which narrowly develops your skills versus the diversity that we offer to make you a successful runner. Our effort levels system allows for all experience levels to flourish, from the seasoned pros to the brand-new runners who are beginning their journey.

Every 5K run will also feature a discussion topic presented by our trainers aimed at increasing each runner’s knowledge about training, health and nutrition, recovery, and injury prevention, to name a few. Our goal is to create well-rounded, knowledgeable runners that enjoy training and can sustainably do it for life.The genuine desire of our trainers to provide resources both inside and outside the app sets us a tier above the rest.


The trial of miles is not enjoyable when completed alone. Our live leaderboard lets you feel like you are right beside everyone else that has done (or is doing) the 5K program. Plus, speed, intensity, and distance are recorded throughout on a map that can be viewed when you finish each run.Charge training closes the gap between live runs and recorded runs, creating an engaging group-run experience for any environment. 

At Charge we love motivating people to enjoy the sport of running so they truly embrace the miles and enjoy each and every step. We know that most 5K programs out there are boring. They lack personality, excitement, and overall motivation. Our goal is to flip that model on its head.

These are the features you get to look forward to:

  • 8 weeks of motivating instruction
  • 16 classes led by professional coaches
  • Running topics each day, from hydration to playlist curation
  • Killer music

Charge Running’s 5K Training Program is for you and everyone else, because we all know that running alone sucks. 

The entire program is available for iPhone through the On Demand tab on the Charge Running app. Click on the 5K Training Program and get running!

Charge on.

A full press release about our 5K Training Program can be found here.