What is Track Tuesday?

We’ve had eight successful weeks of Track Tuesdays, and more and more runners are joining each week! Awesome!!!  We’ve had a few questions about the programming, as well as tons of runners showing up (despite a few admitting they were intimidated but did it anyway) and had a BLAST!!!  

So, what is Track Tuesday?


Track Tuesday was created by our resident marathoner, Melissa, who knows how beneficial her track workouts are, but how insanely hard it can be to get into the habit of doing them. The habit is even harder to form when first starting your training. Even when Melissa trained with a team, each and every Tuesday she would be so scared of those track workouts. However, once she met up with her team, she got the hard work done and it paid off. Without a strong running background, Coach Melissa believes that weekly track workouts contributed the most to her overall fitness, speed, and performance. So, with that in mind, she created Track Tuesdays for all of you to have fun, work hard, and hopefully make daunting track workouts less scary!

Track Tuesday is for everyone, regardless of your speed or the distance that you are training for. The goal of the workout is to imagine yourself training on a running track.  A typical outdoor track is a safe, clear, flat and accurately measured oval course and each lap is exactly 400 meters, or roughly ¼ of a mile. Through running varying distances and paces on a track, runners start to learn and become comfortable with their own specific paces. One track workout per week is all you need since you’ll be reaching tip top speeds and max effort durations. Since we cannot measure meters during Track Tuesdays, Melissa calculates the time that it would take the “average” person to complete a set metric distance and goes by time instead. 

Come on out, join Melissa for a Track Tuesday workout and see what all the fun is about! 

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to Melissa directly at melissa@chargerunning.com

The Reviews are in: Users LOVE Track Tuesdays!

“Love your music Melissa. Great run. Thank you!” - Amanda

“The best!! OMG Love your Tuesdays.” - Claire B.