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Forget boring runs. Instead, run together with others from all over the world in real-time, just by stepping outside your front door or hopping on the closest treadmill.

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When we say real-time, we mean it! During our guided classes, professional run coaches engage with the entire class and keep you updated on your individual speed and distance. You can say hello to Paul from Florida, or help push Kristen to a strong finish.


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Can’t make a live run? We’ve got you covered with a variety of on-demand runs that track your stats and allow you to compete with anyone who has ever done that run in the past! Challenge a friend, and see exactly where they were at that point of the run.


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Each Charge class is based on an individual effort scale. So no matter if you’re starting your first run in years, or competing for your 10th marathon, each class caters to your own experience level.

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Our trainers bring their experience, expertise, and quirky personalities to every run! Get ready to meet the most motivating run coaches in the world, from serial marathon runners to active duty military.

Christine Hetzel

Christine is a Florida native and lover of year-round running weather. She has traveled far and wide in her quest to run the World Marathon Majors and effectively, t...

Lara Branca

Lara grew up exploring the mountains as a multisport athlete and dancer. She is a RRCA certified coach, an artist, and passionate about road and trail running and ra...

Larry Lopez

Larry developed a passion for running at an early age and was an all state athlete in cross country and track in high school. He graduated from Harding University wh...


I've run for almost 9 years with no improvement. I took one full min off each mile and PR'd every distance after a month with y'all
- Jaime M.
I love the app! I found I run longer, better, and faster using the app when doing live runs versus when I would run by myself. I actually look forward to your runs! All the Coaches are great. Best investment I have made in myself in a long time.
- Kari A.
I've never ran a sub-30 5K before Charge, with 30 minutes always being the goal I was chasing. Not even a month into Charge I PR'd with a 26:47
- Lyndsey B.
Oh my God! Thank you so much. I never would have pushed myself like that on my own.
- Bob M.
I can't say enough positive things about the app. It's really changed my relationship with running. I actually look forward to your runs rather than dread running like I used to.
- Amanda N.
I look forward to each run. It plays on my competitive spirit as the coaches’ are constantly challenging me and I get to race against other runners.
- Lindy A.
I am enjoying this app so much! I really struggled before running alone! Thank you!
- Lyndsey A.
Charge Running has challenged my body and mind in ways I would never do on my own.
- Cammie B.

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