Join and compete with others from around the world during LIVE and On-Demand running classes, all while getting coached and motivated from LIVE, world-class trainers.

Its Group Fitness Classes, for runners.

Weclome to CHARGE Running!

Sarah W, Missouri

"I pushed myself way harder than I would've on my own, and I felt great."


Sophia R, California

"I haven't run since high school because I hate running alone. This is awesome!"

Colin, Chicago

"Now that I know that this idea exists, I will never work out without it."


Experience CHARGE, 100% Live!...

Every live run that happens in the Charge app happens in real-time. When you run, you're running with people around the world, at the same time. We have several different runs a day, choose one that words best for you.

What's Happening Now?


...Or try an On-Demand run

The days of running to just a pre-recorded audio clip is over. Not only do you get your stats tracked through out your on-demand run, but you get to compete in real time against anyone who has completed that on demand run in the past.

The most motivating running app, ever.

This isn't just some automated system telling you stats. These are real personal trainers talking to you in real time! If you've never had the opportunity to run with a coach, then words cannot describe the value.



Compete in real-time against other runners.

While running, in addition to receiving your run stats, you also get ranked in a live leaderboard, showing where you stack up against everyone else that's currently running. Because what run isn't better with a little competition?


Schedule a future run that fits you.


Choose from a variety of different types, ranging from Walk to Run, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Tempo, and many others.



Different trainers, different personalities.

We have several different trainers from around the country, each ready to help you become the best runner that you can be. Such examples include Rory Justin from the US Special Operations and Levi Kane, who holds the world record for the fastest 5K time for an above-knee amputee!

But Wait, There's More!


Apple Watch Support

Use your Apple Watch to track your distance on a treadmill, or quickly see your stats and place while in a run.

Group Chat

Chat with runners before, during or after the run! Request a song from your trainer, or send a selfie!


See your stats for each run, and view them at anytime in your profile. Track your total and weekly distance as well!


Sign up for a run? You don't wanna miss it! We will send you a notification one hour before the run so you don't forget!

HealthKit Support

Wanna fill those activity rings? Charge will add to your workouts, as well as use your distance for our runs!

Your Running DJ!

With Charge, the trainers are your personal DJ's. Different runs have different genres, and you can choose your favorite.

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